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19 September 2012 @ 10:00 pm
Title: Miss Clueless. 
Rating: T for Teen.
Warnings: Hey, this is Miss Bipolar, and I'm here to do some swears
PromptI-32; Hibari/Haru: fearless; "You should run." 
Word count: 1,447. 
Summary: It's times like these when Hibari Kyouya curses his attachment to small animals. 

pretend you don't like it, but i know you do. Collapse )<p
02 September 2012 @ 03:39 pm
Title: Breathe Me.
Author/Artist: seireeii
Rating: T for Teen.
Warnings: None.
Prompt: I-10; Hibari/Haru: Wings; A taste of freedom.
Word count: 2,117.
Summary: Air to breathe, space to think, a place to let your soul fly free. 

my head's in the clouds, but my heart's in the sky. Collapse )
24 August 2012 @ 07:22 pm
Title: Just Wing It. 
Author/Artist: seireeii
Rating: T for Teen. 
Warnings: Subtle, minor, only if you squint, 1827. 
Prompt: I-5; Natsu: Park; "Lion cubs and swings don't mix. AT ALL." 
Word count: 1,889. 
Summary: Never again would he ever complain about Reborn's special brand of persuasion.
Note: Because of the fact that there is no Natsu tag, this is tagged underneath Hibari/Tsuna, because of the slight 1827-ness of it. 

just the idea in itself is enough to put him in a state of panic.Collapse )

Title: Dynamites are look like flirting

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Pairing: GokuTsuna, 5927

Genre: romance, shounen-ai, humour, slice of life

Summary: Gokudera thinking about Dr. Shamal’s tip and tries to captive his beloved Tenth.

Thanks to Relaine to translated my fanfiction to English~

(Dynamites are look like flirting)

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Title: The Truth About Forever. 
Author/Artist: seireeii
Rating: T for Teen. 
Warnings: Spoilers for Future Arc. 
Prompt: VII-41; Hibari/Haru - Time - "And you'll challenge fate itself?" 
Word count: 2,607.
Summary: Time heals all wounds, even those yet to come. 

"i own the right to keep you, to destroy you." Collapse )

13 August 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Title: Still Breathing. 
Author/Artist: seireeii
Rating: T for Teen. 
Warnings: None. 
Prompt: V-19; Hibari/Haru - Fight - I won't let go. 
12 August 2012 @ 11:59 pm
Title: Fallout. 
Author/Artist: seireeii
Rating: T for Teen. 
Warnings: None. 
Prompt: VI - 44; Hibari/Haru - Bloodtears - I will cry when you can not. 
Word count: 1,563. 

Title: Limits are meant to be broken
Author: flikrin
Rating: M
Warnings: a little bit of violence and swearing
Prompt: VII - 12 Hibari/Tsuna – endurance; “Bite me harder”
Word count: 490
Summary: Push until you break

("Pathetic," Hibari snarled.)

I'm so so sorry about the lateness. I just discovered this in my files /hides
Title: You Make the Crimson Blue
Author: scratchmist
Rating: T
Character/Pairing: Hibari/Dino
Word Count: 1800+
Prompt: VI- 13. Hibari/Dino - bruises; "Love comes in colors I can't deny."
Summary: Dino does not enjoy training Kyoya the second time around. Takes place mostly in the TYL!arc.

Dino is quickly improving his first aid skills.

Written for last year's October (?) fest. My sincere apologies to the prompt-giver for the lateness.